Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Red, White and Pink Christmas

This year my sister-in-law Ashley asked me if I would take their Christmas card photo.  I said yes, of course! I went up to the house for an hour or so and spent some time with my adorable little niece and played in the snow.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Adalyn loved to eat the snow.  She had mitts, but she kept pulling them off.

Probably the cutest shot right there!  My new lens was really working hard for this pic!  I recently bought a portrait lens (50 mm, f1.8).  It's become my go-to for lovely photos.

It's hard to get this kid to smile, so this was a treat!  Watching a little girl laugh her head off while getting pulled in a sled is pretty hilarious.

And the lovely family all together!  I love taking photos of my family. It's great practice for me, for one, and I get to keep all these wonderful memories forever.  You can see more of my beautiful little niece and my amazingly awesome sister-in-law on her blog Ashley's Thrifty Living!

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