Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pine and Birch

It's no secret that I love trees.  It's kind of my thing.  I was driving to my parent's place a few weeks ago and I just-so-happened to have my camera on me.  As I was passing all these amazing colored trees I had to pull over and get some photos.  It was the first time I felt even remotely creative in almost a month because of my dad's health concerns.  So I stopped and indulged in a few pictures of my most favorite subject.

I am amazed at the color of these yellow needles.  Fall is just so cool.  In Southern Ontario, fall lasts for maybe four weeks before it becomes winter.  It's a very small window to actually enjoy the season.  Even as I type this now, there is snow covering the ground and everything outside is dead.  It's nice to look over these photos and remember there once was warmth.  Winter is my least favorite season.  I hate being cold; and driving in snow, freezing rain and slush is not my idea of a good time.  If we ever give winter a pass, I'm up for it!

Birch trees are especially my favorite.  I'd say every time I paint trees at least one sneaks in there.  A close second are the pine trees.  I'll probably never get sick of taking photos of trees, but I know it's not exactly riveting for many other people.  When I take photos during vacations people often ask me to filter out the tree photos because there are just so many of them.  I know guys, I have a problem!

Anyways, I love trees, so it's going to happen.

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