Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Through the Trees is now Key & Quill

I've been thinking about moving my blog for a while now.  After this post I will no longer be updating Through the Trees and instead will be posting at Key and Quill.  I will be moving all my content and updating Key and Quill to be a better, more functional webspace! 

Right now, Through the Trees is duplicated exactly at Key and Quill.  All of my content can still be found here and also at the new address.  There are a few reasons why I am doing this, namely because the terms "Through the Trees" is a very common and popular phrase.  When searching for this site, those key words never bring up my blog in any search engines, despite my best efforts to notify Google about my blog.  Through the Trees also brought on many seasonal pressures, like changing the banner to reflect the year going by.  You wouldn't want to see summer fresh trees in the dead of winter, would you!?  Of course not!!

These are just a few reasons.  I've also wanted to move this space to something that will better represent me in the future and I feel that Key and Quill can grow with me.  In the new year I am hoping to update my blog into something better and hopefully expand the space to a website and, dare I say, a shop (!!!).  These are all goals that I have had for a long time and I'm hoping that I can accomplish these things in 2014. 

I hope you follow me over to Key and Quill!  A redirect will be appearing on this page in the near future so that it will automatically take you over to the new blog.  Until I put that in place, I wanted to let anyone interested to read this little message.

See you at my new home!  Go to ---->  Key and Quill

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